6 Reasons to Consider Knee Replacement Surgery Abroad

Explore the benefits of knee replacement surgery abroad, including lower costs than in Ireland, access to specialised care, shorter waiting times, high standards of care, a chance to visit new locations, and the latest medical technology.

Going abroad for knee replacement surgery is increasingly popular with Irish patients. According to the Financial Times, medical tourism in central and eastern Europe (including Lithuania) is growing at 12-15% annually.

Tired of increasing costs and long waiting times, patients look overseas to remedy their ailments. Knee surgery, in particular, is a popular option.

Regardless, many patients still have reservations about knee replacement surgery abroad. From costs to waiting times, we cover the reasons to consider knee surgery in Eastern Europe.

6 Reasons to Consider Knee Replacement Surgery Abroad

  1. The Knee Surgery Price in Ireland
  2. Access to Specialised Care
  3. Shorter Waiting Times
  4. Higher Standards of Care
  5. Visit a New Location
  6. Latest Medical Technology

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1. The Knee Surgery Price in Ireland

The knee surgery price in Ireland is shocking. A basic operation is likely to set a patient back €7,000. However, the price can skyrocket for a total knee replacement (TKR), rising to €12,000 to 13,500. That’s without including additional costs like post-operative care, physical therapy, scans, and blood tests.

Nor are the options any better in Ireland’s nearest neighbour – the UK.

According to the latest 2023 figures, the NHS has 7.7 million patients waiting for non-essential treatments, including knee replacements. Almost 400,000 people have waited over a year for their surgery.

Given this dire situation, pressure on the private sector has soared. Unable to keep up with demand, private knee replacement surgery can cost up to £17,840 in some UK regions.

In contrast, Eastern European hospitals, such as Hospitals in Lithuania, provide knee surgery at a fraction of the cost – just €3,800. That’s around a tenth of the cost in some Irish hospitals – for the same quality of care.

2. Access to Specialised Care

One of the primary motivations for considering knee replacement surgery abroad is access to specialised medical care. That includes:

  • Advanced Surgical Techniques: Utilising the latest surgical methods such as minimally invasive surgery, can lead to quicker recovery and less scarring.
  • Robotic-Assisted Surgery: Availability of robotic systems that assist surgeons with enhanced precision during the procedure.
  • Customised Prosthetics: Use of tailor-made knee implants designed to fit the specific anatomy and needs of the patient, potentially leading to better outcomes.
  • Specialised Rehabilitation Programs: Access to comprehensive post-surgical rehabilitation programs that focus on quick and effective recovery.

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3. Shorter Waiting Times

It’s not just the hip surgery price in Ireland concerning patients. According to The Irish Times, the backlog in surgeries for hip and knee replacements and other routine surgeries is an ongoing problem. In fact, 80% of people on waiting lists in Ireland are awaiting a surgical procedure.

The same isn’t true for knee replacement surgeries abroad. Patients find little to no wait times, particularly in Eastern European hospitals. Indeed, it’s a key factor fuelling the rise of medical tourism to the region.

Increased efficiency and greater resources mean that patients facing a year or longer wait times can organise their surgery much sooner. Given the pain and discomfort associated with osteoarthritis, that can be life-changing. It’s another year of recovery, rest, and rehabilitation, another year of life.

4. Higher Standards of Care

When considering knee replacement surgery abroad, one of the compelling factors is the potential for higher standards of care in certain countries. Many international hospitals and clinics are accredited by globally recognised organisations, such as the Joint Commission International (JCI) or the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), ensuring they adhere to stringent global standards.

Lithuania, for example, is ranked #2 worldwide for the lowest number of complications after orthopaedic surgeries. That means fewer clots, infections, nerve or tissue damage, bone fractures, and haematomas.

Moreover, surgeons abroad are highly experienced. Many boast an impressive track record of over 20 years of operating and treating patients.

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5. Visit a New Location

Undergoing knee replacement surgery abroad is more than just an operation. While much of your trip involves surgery and recovery, it’s also a chance to visit different slices of European culture.

Lithuania is an underappreciated gem of Eastern European architecture, art, and beauty. Before or after the surgery, depending on medical advice, patients can explore Lithuania’s beautiful cities like Vilnius, known for its medieval Old Town, or the coastal city of Klaipėda, which boasts scenic beaches and maritime heritage.

Furthermore, combining medical treatment with a relaxing city break creates a more positive overall experience – and can aid recovery. The psychological benefits of rest and relaxation are well-known.

However, it’s important to plan such trips carefully. Speak to your surgical team for medical advice on travel and post-surgery activities.

6. Latest Medical Technology

With more money pouring into Eastern European hospitals, they’re investing considerably in new surgical techniques and options.

For instance, some international medical centres offer robotic-assisted knee replacement surgery. This technology allows for greater precision in surgery, potentially leading to better alignment of the knee implant, less trauma to the surrounding tissues, and faster recovery times.

Additionally, medical facilities abroad often utilise the latest imaging technology, such as high-resolution MRI and 3D imaging, to plan and execute surgeries more accurately. And then there’s the greater choice of innovative materials and prosthetic designs. Cross-linked polyethylene or ceramic implants may be available in some hospitals, providing greater longevity and fewer risks.

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Choose Knee Replacement Surgery Abroad

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