Sneak Peek into Fragment Air Jordan 1 x Travis Scott – 2023 Release

Quality and appropriate sneakers are the main prerequisites for any physical activity. Today when we mention sneakers, we don’t just mean sports. We love everyday life. Sporty elegance has been around for a long time, so we can see sneakers on the red carpet combined with a formal suit. They are the cherry on the top, breaking all clichés and introducing new, more comfortable fashion styles.

Nike sneakers have a long history behind them. With their models, they inspire people to push fashion boundaries and wear them on all occasions. After a fruitful collaboration in which Travis Scott made Nike Air Force 1, Air Jordan 1 and 4, Nike SB Dunke sneaker models, and Nike Air Max 270, a new surprise arrives.

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This brand has a line of sneakers for every activity and we can freely say that the price is in line with the quality. What has especially attracted the attention of fans of this brand and those who are always missing another pair of sneakers are Fragment Air Jordan 1 x Travis Scott, which should be released at the end of the month, on July 30th. The design is based on the nineties, but with a visible style stamp 2023, through a very interesting color palette that is suitable for every fashion combination and occasion.

These are not the first sneakers released by this young rapper, but they are certainly one of those that deserve your attention and that you will wish to have.

The sneakers are made in a combination of black, white, and blue, which makes them very grateful for making various fashion combinations. Then you want to change the look of the sneakers, simply change the laces as they come in pink, black, white, and navy blue.

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What distinguishes these sneakers from their predecessors is that the logo no longer occupies the middle of the sole but has been moved to the side. On the part of the sneaker that goes over the wrist, there is an Air Jordan logo made in black. When you pay a little better attention, you will notice that the left and right sneakers differ in small details and that together they form a whole.

For example, on the left sneaker on the back, you will notice a drawn head of a man as if drawn by a five-year-old (Cactus Jack smiley face), and on the right, there will be two lightning bolts rounded in a circle. On the front, ie on the tongue, there is also a noticeable difference – while on one of the sneakers it says Fragmented design in white letters, on the other, it is written Cactus Jack in red. It is these small details that make them unique.

These sneakers are made of leather and are very easy to maintain, simply wipe them with a wet cloth, and from time to time “feed” them with cream for the care of leather footwear.

What activities are these sneakers suitable for? The answer is – for almost everyone. For running, however, you should choose another model that different sneakers provide different support to the feet when performing a particular activity.

When we wear the wrong pair, we can get blisters, but what is worse, there is a great chance that we will feel pain in the back, knees, hips, lower legs, Achilles tendon … Also, wearing inappropriate sneakers will make it easier to get injured while playing sports. we will also have problems with cramps. So, for running, still choose sneakers with a soft sole.

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Deep sneakers are more stable during sudden changes of direction, give additional support to the ankle and prevent injuries, but they are a bit heavier than other models. They are most often worn by tall, larger players in the center position who rely on strength. These sneakers are also characterized by inner comfort, which is important for any occasion that you are ready for. To absorb shock to the ground and reduce pressure on the feet, some brands use air-filled chambers like Nike does with its Air Max models, while others use synthetic foams and pads to protect the soles, heels, and ankles.

Like any sports shoe, basketball sneakers are designed to be light and comfortable, to protect against injury, improve performance, and look attractive and modern. But a hundred basketball players have a hundred pairs of different feet and it is difficult for all of them to find the ideal pair of sports shoes that meet all expectations. But at least looking for them will be easy if you know what to look for before buying. Given that these are Jordan sneakers, after all, there is no doubt that they are perfect for this sport.

When we talk about the price of these sneakers, it is quite high and amounts to $ 2,500. If you are a sincere fan of this brand and want to have them in your collection, you will have to be fast, because it is a limited edition. Robots, or bots, as they are widely known, are computer programs that specialize in performing automated tasks on the Internet. Bots are generally in charge of performing simple and repetitive operations, and they perform them much faster than humans. The speed with which they can make a purchase – sometimes even in 200 milliseconds – makes them a particularly useful tool for buying all the products that are in high demand, and which are produced in limited quantities, including special sneakers. think well and react quickly.

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The Internet has been crucial to the expansion of the secondary sneaker market as it has allowed the whole world to participate in the hunt for “grails”. Fans used to gather in forums in the early days of the internet and discuss new releases, and the main shopping destination was the e-commerce platform eBay. Today, there is the social network Instagram, the modern Reddit forum, and specialized resale platforms such as StockX or GOAT, which were launched in 2016 and 2015, respectively.

The popularity of sneakers and the possibilities of combining them with various styles and fashion combinations can be seen in the pictures that you can find on the Internet, in which celebrities on the red carpet stand out for their elegant and chic combinations with branded sneakers.